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How does the API work?

The default URL for all the latest jobs is: https://www.siliconarmada.com/api/get_jobs/xml
In order to access this page, you need to request an API access key.
You can request one by emailing: info@smarterabout.net
Once you have access you can follow the instructions below.

Passing in Parameters

Here is a reference guide for the available parameters.
They are displayed in the format the API requires.
Simply append any or all of them to the URL after your access key.

eg. https://www.siliconarmada.com/api/get_jobs/xml?app_key=secret&title=assassin


Request Json or XML

You can choose which output you prefer to receive after "get_jobs".
To use json simply add "/json" or use "/xml" for an xml response.

eg. https://www.siliconarmada.com/api/get_jobs/json

Response & Pagination

To help you understand what kind of results you are receiving, there is an info element located in the response before the results.


The "count" is :  The total number of jobs for your query.
The "limit" is :  The number of results returned in the response.
The "offset" is :  The starting row for the response.

In this example, we can see there are well over a hundred results for this query.
We can use the &page=2 parameter to return the second 100 results.
Omitting the &page= parameter or leaving it blank means it will be set to a value of 1 by default.
The offset will reflect the value of the page parameter.

All the results are ordered by the date they were to added Silicon Armada so you can be sure the first page will contain only the very latest tech jobs in the world.


Say you want a json of all the java jobs in Denver. Then you could append &title=java&location=denver after your API key like so.


Or maybe you're only interested in python related jobs in France.


Or what about jobs involving customers and sales in Bangalore.


If you ever see that there are more than 100 jobs available, then you can get the next 100 by appending the page parameter.