Jun 16
Which EU has most IT-jobs?

Which EU country is best to find IT-jobs?

We wanted to answer a simple question: where can you find IT-jobs in the European Union?

To answer that question, we took two approaches. First, we analysed our data and looked where, in absolute terms, you can find the most IT-jobs in the European Union. Secondly, we checked how many IT-jobs there are per capita.


IT-jobs in the European Union

Here are some of the findings:  with 6,345 open IT-positions the UK tops the rank, followed by Germany (5,094) and France (4,507).

We were a bit surprised to find Poland in 4th place. A deeper look into the data showed that over ¾ of the indexed are concentrated in 6 major multinationals (Atos, Accenture, IBM, ABB, Amazon, Intel).

Fifth place is taken by Ireland with 2,271 jobs, the majority of which are to be found in the Dublin area.


IT-jobs per capita

Of course, the absolute number does not say anything about how dominant the IT-industry is or how competitive it is to find an IT-job. Based on the data that we pulled we were able to calculate the number of IT-jobs per capita. We assume that the more higher the number the more difficult it would be to find a job in a tech company. Because the data that we pull comes mainly from US multinationals it’s safer to say that the conclusion of this exercise answer: the competitiveness to find an tech job in a US multinational, rather then an indicator of the overall competitiveness of the IT labour market.

Here’s what we found: the highest number of IT-jobs per capita were found in the smallest country of the European Union: Luxembourg. Luxembourg needs has 14.4 open IT-positions per 1,000 inhabitants, Ireland 4 and many other need more than 1.

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